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Cheif Exectutive OfficerCheif Exectutive Officer
The Administration
Administrators are people assigned the highest level of control over the entire board. These people can control all facets of board operation which include setting permissions, creating usergroups, changing the Forum Appearance, making or taking rules and much, much more. They also have full moderator capabilities in all the forums. There are 3 Administrators 1 being ZacAttack (Forum Founder) who is the boss and then the two or three managers (Information found below). The rank is found below:

Forum Management:
Forum management are administrators dedicated to a certain categories. They have full power over the board but have less powers then the Administrator. The rank is found below:

Senior Moderators
Senior Moderators are Moderators who have passed firstly the application stage and the trial stage i.e Junior Moderator. They have more powers then Junior Moderators; They can create Information & Announcements Topics, Post in the Announcement & Updates forum and they also have the first choice of becoming a manager. Also a SNR Moderator is allowed the Moderator In Disguise rank meaning they have a vip colour name but mod powers. Rank Found Below:

Junior Moderators
Junior Moderators are Moderators who have passed the first stage of the Moderator Application stage. They are now on trial to see if the suit the job as a moderator and it last for about 1 month. After the first month they will be either fired or promoted to Senior Moderator. They have less powers then Senior Moderators; They cannot make Information or Announcement Topics and they cannot post the the Announcements & Updates Forum. But they do still have the power to Ban, Delete, Trash a Topic, Move, Lock, Split and Merge a Topics. Rank found below:

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